“If you open yourself to seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary then the whole world becomes a gallery”

Baz Luhrmann


We believe that creativity is everywhere.

That it isn’t limited to studios and galleries, and when you open your eyes to the magic in the everyday, even the most familiar moments are rich with beauty and inspiration.

Together with Baz Luhrmann, we are inviting people to reframe the world around them, and see the creativity in the everyday.

Visionary director Juan Cabral, brings Baz Luhrmann’s creative philosophy to life in a film about seeing the limitless beauty in the world around us.


Continuing our mission with Baz Luhrmann to inspire people to discover the creativity and beauty that exists all around, World Creativity Day 2023 marks the launch of the Saw This Made This Installation.

Installations at The Design Museum in London (April 21-24 2023) and at the Chelsea Factory in New York (May 10-13 2023) will celebrate thousands of artworks shared via #SawThisMadeThis since Baz Luhrmann issued a creative call-to-arms.

At the Saw This Made This Installation Series, Ai-Da, the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist Will explore how Artificial Intelligence can enrich and enable human creativity at scale. bringing together thousands of different creative perspectives into an iterative series of collaborative artworks, set to be the world’s largest mass participation A.I. art event.

To take part, simply submit an image to #SawThisMadeThis of something that creatively inspires you or something you have made, and Ai-Da will create live A.I artworks from it all.

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#SawThisMadeThis images

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